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Assignor's Assistant™ Version 10
Assign referees and umpires
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Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball

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  1. List your game officials, the dates and times they can't work, and their ratings
  2. Enter the schedule or import it from League Organizer™
  3. Assign the officials from a drop-down list showing only those available and rated for each game
  • Officials
    • name, address, home, work, cell phone, fax, email
    • preferred position
    • ratings
    • pay scale
    • certification levels and dates
    • days, dates and times not available to officiate
    • pay scale for each officiating position and difficulty
    • fee multiplier entered into official's entry screen to account for those paid more or less than the standard fee
    • paid only for games completed
  • Organizations
    • addresses and contacts
  • Schedules
    • game date, time, location, teams
    • site names and locations
    • game scores
  • Assigning
    • assign officials to games using availability, ratings, certifications
    • drop down pick list of those officials who are avaiable and certified for each game
  • Reports
    • officiating worksheets, schedules, reports
    • list of unscheduled officials for last minute assigning
    • HTML schedule of assignments for your web site
    • assignor's worksheet grouping games by date and location
    • assignments by date and location
    • list of unassigned officials by date
    • game official conflicts report
    • count of assignments
    • percentage of games completed
    • schedules for each team, division, league, site
    • schedule for each official
    • scores and standings
    • team standings for each division
    • earnings and payments
    • lists of checks and deposits
    • income statement & balance sheet
    • labels for pay envelopes
    • email assignments to each game official
    • 1099's
    • lists of game officials
    • availability
    • certifications
    • mailing labels
    • ID Card
  • Multiple Sports
    • baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball
  • International Support
    • Supports phone numbers, postal codes, dates, and metric measurements for Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, and US. Others added on request.
    • Schedules, results, and standings can be printed with Spanish headings